Granite State Libertarians

posted on January 5, 2017


Granite State Libertarians is a group which grew out of the core staff and volunteers of the NH JohnsonWeld 2016 campaign. Our founding members came from across the political spectrum, Liberty leaning Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, Burnt Bernie Bros, Independents and FreeStaters. What brought us together was a belief that we, Americans, Granite Staters, deserved a better government- but without We The People getting involved, that was never going to happen. We no longer want to be stuck with the two party system, the old and busted duopoly that set the stage for the Presidential Election that was 2016.

We joke that Gary Johnson is a ‘gateway libertarian candidate’, making a compelling argument to *finally* join the Libertarian Party and work to dismantle the current two-party hold the Republicans and Democrats have on our political geography and the cronyism and corruption they carry with them.

It is our hope to bring a new and unified divergence of opinions and strengths to the Libertarian party; to encourage and support ALL liberty leaning candidates, and growing a broad foundation of Liberty minded local and state wide candidates out of which national Libertarian Luminaries will grow. We also feel education is very important, we hope to educate the NH electorate as to the benefits of and shed some light on the misconceptions of what it means to be a Libertarian.

Libertarians now have ballot access in NH after 20 years without. Our time is now to make a difference. Welcome to the journey, we hope you stick around a while.

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What *is* a Libertarian?

posted on January 5, 2017

Who and what exactly, is a Libertarian?
What are the symptoms, and can it be cured?
That's a question we needed to ask ourselves, and answer, when questioned by others.
A Granite State Libertarian is:

  • A former Republican Staffer.
  • A few Life-long Independent (undeclared/unaffiliated) voters.
  • Several Exit-Dem Berners.
  • Some Blue Dog Democrats.
  • At least one "Reagan Republican".

  • And... hopefully, You.
    What it isn't?
    It isn't a litmus test of ideological purity.
    Your ideas are welcome, and equally valid.
    What we share? A common vision.
    Better Government responsible-to, and not rulers-over, the citizenry of these United States.

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